Data Centers

Westhues Electric remains one of the foremost leading electrical contractors when it comes to critical power and data centers. Our experience and expertise with Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS), Continuous Power Systems (CPS), rectifiers, static switches, emergency power generating equipment and DC cabling has proved itself time and time again.

Whether you have a small office with a few servers or a nation-wide network with millions of customers, iron-clad reliability for data storage, web hosting and network communications is a critical must for all businesses in an increasingly competitive global marketplace.

Clients such as Sprint, Embarq, 1102 Grand Bldg., GSI, Socket Communications, Verizon and many other major telecom and web hosting companies rely on Westhues Electric to ensure the safety, reliability and redundancy of their systems.

Westhues Electric provides us with flexible and knowledgeable electrical contracting that helps us meet our customers’ growing needs. They work with my team professionally to get jobs done right and on time. They have a true understanding of ultra-critical infrastructures and know how to work in 24x7 compliant environments. “

Gabe Jones
Facilities and Infrastructure
Greensoft Solutions Inc.


Commercial Electrical Construction