In 1986 Mike Westhues brought together his father, Fred Westhues, four brothers, Greg, Gary, Mark, and Keith and sister, Karen Prichard for a family meeting. He wanted to start a commercial electrical contracting company, operated and owned equally by the seven family members. Having previously been a partner in an electrical company, Mike knew with the shared work ethic, compatibility, integrity and unique skills he shared with his family members, they would be successful in the electrical contracting business. It was a unanimous decision, all seven family members wanted to be a part of the new venture.

Many people ask, “How do you work with your family everyday and still speak to each other after work?” The true secret is mutual respect for each other, mutual work ethic and strong family ties. This motto has extended to the way they treat their customers, employees, subcontractors, and suppliers. All are valued assets in the success of the company. As a team, the Westhues family has worked together to build Westhues Electric, Inc. to the strength and size it is today.

Westhues Electric currently employs over 50 full time field personnel with 2 full time Superintendents. All employees are highly educated in their fields, completing a 4-year apprenticeship and participating in out-sourced and in-house continuing education programs and all have completed O.S.H.A. safety requirement training. The staff includes 2 apprenticeship instructors with the Kansas City Metropolitan Community College Business & Technology Center.


Back Row (left to right): Gary Westhues, Mike Westhues, Mark Westhues Front Row: Greg Westhues, Karen Prichard,
In Loving Memory Fred Westhues, Keith Westhues

Greg Westhues Karen Prichard In loving memory, Fred Westhues Mark Westhues Keith Westhues Mike WesthuesGary Westhues